Irish Sheepherders of Lake County Oregon
William Cahill
Currently there are 4 generations of Irish American families still raising cattle in Lake County. They are grazing the desert and the forest as the original sheepherders did; but the cattle has replaced the great bands of Sheep.

Cahill Ranch
Adel Oregon
Terry Cahill

2005 Working Cows In Big Valley
©Photograph's by Jim Deely

 Cahill Ranch Brands
Cahill Brand
orig inal hJoe Cahill Working Cows In Big Valley
Joe Cahill

m Frank Cahill
Frank Cahill
Hugh Cahill
Hugh Cahill

Hugh Cahill Helping the Flynn and Sons Branding on March 18, 2006

Early Days of the Cahill Ranch Adel Oregon

William Cahill and Maureen
William Cahill and Maureen with Pony

Cahill Ranch Hay Crew
James Cahill, Pat O'Neil, Bill Stockton, William Cahill
Kneeling Hugh, Bob, And Terry Cahill

Photo taken March 2005
At The Cahill Ranch During Branding
Left to Right
Will, Joe, (Cousins John and Johnny from Ireland who still farm the Original homestead in Brosna Co. Kerry Ireland) Frank and Hugh

Photo Courtesy Of Will Cahill

Jack Cahill
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Cahill Ranch House

Ellen and William Cahill
Ellen and William Cahill
Adel Oregon

 A native of Ireland, Mr. Cahill had been a resident of Lake County since he was 20 years old, and had attained prominence in the sheep business of this section. He was born in Brosna, Ireland March 10, 1883, being 54 years, six months and 29 days of age at the time of his death, and he leaves a large number of relatives both here and in the land of his birth. His mother, Mrs. William Cahill, and a brother and sister, Dave Cahill and Mrs. C. D. Cannon all reside in Ireland. In this country those surviving are his widow, Mrs. Ella Cahill and children Hugh, James, Robert, George, Patricia and Terrance, three brothers, Jack Cahill of Fort Bidwell, Pat. W. Cahill of Oakland and George Cahill of Chicago and two sisters, Mrs barry and Mrs. Casey who reside in Reno Nevada
   A large following of friends and sorrowing relatives packed St. Patrick's church, where funeral services were held Monday Morning at ten o'clock, Rev. Father Geiss officiating. Interment was made in Sunset Park Cemetery.
   Pall bearers were six of the prominent local Irish Citizens, M. M. Barry, P. P. Barry, Tim Murphy, Billy Murphy, Maurice Murphy and Con Taylor.


Terry Cahill

Rancher happy with his home on the range
By Lee Juillerat
ADEL, OREGON.--Terry Cahill always manages to find something to talk about.
   After all, spinning yarns and palavering with friends are part of what make life worthwhile for Cahill, a rancher who lives outside of Adel, a friendly Lake County hamlet in Eastern Oregon's Warner Valley.
   "I don't know any other place. I don't what to go to anyplace else," the life long area cowboy said. "Just didn't what to leave, Couldn't run me out."

   Nobody's trying. Cahill, 65, is part of the scenery.
   Along with two of his four sons, Frank and Joe, he operates a ranch started by his father, William "Pat" Cahill, who came from County Kerry ireland, as a 13 year old in 1887 and brought 160 acres near Adel in 1913.
   "That was the start of ''er", Cahill said.
   They were hungry back there at that time," Cahill said of his father's solo journey. He was told by an uncle that when his father departed, "All He ( the Uncle) remembers was that was that he was a young boy walking out the door with a nice brown suit on."
   Pat Cahill arrived in New York, moved to Montana, found jobs on ranches and worked his way to High Grade gold mine near Fort Bidwell, Calif., in search of gold.
   He was just prospecting, coming through the country. There"s where he met my mother, Ellen, in Bidwell."
   Terry was born in 1928 in Lakeview, Oregon., but his schooling, limited as it was, was in Adel. After the eight grade, he went to work as a cowboy for the legendary Ross Dollarhide at the Adel- headquartered MC Ranch.
   "I didn't want to go to school, I wanted to go buckarooing, get a horseback. Been here ever since."
   After two years with the MC, Cahill started working at the family ranch.
   He remembers being a young boy and traveling to Fort Bidwell or Lakeview only once every six months, when the family stocked up on flour, sugar and other staples's and " set up for the winter because you might not get to town for a long spell."
   He was older when he sought a social life away from cows and horses.
   "There used to be lots of dances and we'd go with the old folks. Old cheap fun. We'd dance in Bidwell one Saturday night, have it here the next, and maybe the next Saturday go to Plush ( a town just north of Adel).
   "There'd be a whiskey bottle outside. Go have a bit of whiskey and come and dance to beat hell again. You could dance or fight or go watch a fight, do anything you want.
   He married a Fort Bidwell woman, martha Fee, in 1956. Over the years, his expanded family has expanded its operations, most recently by buying some neighboring ranchlands when the MC was divided.
"I kinda like that cowboying end of it."
   These days, the Cahill Ranch raises cow-calves andd grows meadow hays on its Warner Valley Ranch.
"   "I kinda like that Cowboying end of it. Just like to ride, break horses" Cahill said.
   The hard riding he leaves to his sons.
"Too damned old to wriggle around them anymore. They got quicker than I, Cahill said. The boys do it now.