Corey Murphy - Songs of the Irish in Oregon, Singer/Songwriter

About Corey Murphy

Corey Murphy sings songs from his father's birthplace of Newmarket, County Cork. He collects and performs music of and for the Irish diaspora, with a special focus on Lake County, Oregon.

In 2023, Corey contributed a small part to guitar legend Muriel Anderson's Sailing Dreams. Corey recorded the album Lark (2009) with celtic fusion group Ordinance and continues to serve as a sideman with a variety of acts in multiple genres. As a solo artist, he performs classic Irish ballads, songs of Irish history, and the ocassional corrido or country song.

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John Foley (1845-1886) Pvt. 23rd US Infantry Company B. Cork and Camp Warner.
Blue are the mountains of Morrow. Poem by John F. or S. Kilkenny, Leitrim and Morrow County, Oregon.
Any and all books, songs, stories, poems, heresay, or gossip about the Irish in Oregon.

Irish Sheepherders in Lake County, Oregon

Jim Deely started to catalogue information about the Irish sheepherders of Lake County, Oregon. The majority of the site is still available on the Internet Archive here.

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