P. P. Light N, Manager  
  Homeome July 1, 1918 D. P. McCulley and Wife Paisley
  Barrry Brothers   Pearly Hall Blackfoot Idaho
  Sherlock Brothers W. B. hall  
  Sheep Owners C. J. Taylor and Wife  
  Stories Frank Monahan  
  1912 Irish News Jerry O' Leary  
  Irish In The News Hugh O' Conner  
  St.Patricks John O' Conner Yocum Valley
  Irish Room Mike Daly  
  Irish Ranchers Today James Llarkin Lakeview
  Irish Obituries John Tell and Muliff  
  Census Dennis O' Conner  
  1910 Jerry C, Barry  
  1920 F. E. Mulky  
  1930 July 2, 1918 John J. OKeeffe  
  Contact Jim Deely   Thomas Daly  
  Paisley Con O' Connell Silver Lake
  Lake County Map Hugh O' Conner  
    J. winters  
    J. Kelleher  
    July 3, 1918 D. E. Shanahan  
      Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Husband  
    Harold Fitspatrick  
    Ben McCulley  
    Pat Noonan Plush
    J. Qulinan  
    C. J. Taylor Paisley
    J. Kelleher  
    Oscar Dailey  
    Willie Singleton  
    Frank Monahan  
    Jim Daly  
    George McCoal  
    July 4, 1918 T. J. Mulky  
      M.J. Mulky  
    Ricard Allen  
    Pat Noonan Plush
    Willie Singleton  
    G. C. Fitzgerald  
    M. M. barry Plush
    Mrs. Maude Rambo  
    Nichoilas J. Browne  
    Cappie N. G. Browne  
    July 5, 1918 Harold J. Taylor and wife Paisley
      J. N. Taylor and wife Paisley
    Frank Monahan  
    Thomas Daly Klamath Falls
    Dan O' Conner Klamath Falls
    Jerry O' Leary Lakeview
    P. E. Shanahan Klamath Falls
    Dan Murphy Klamath Falls
    Dennis Houlihan Klamath Falls
    July 7, 1918 William Kelly Dry Creek
      Frank Monohan  
    Willie Singleton Camp Lewis
    Frank Collins France
    Con Collins  
    Frank Collins Fort McDowell
    July 9, 1918 Cornelius O' Sullivan  
      Con Murphy  
    Billie singleton Cullen
    J. Collins Newmarket Ireland
    Tom Shine Klamath Falls
    John L. O' Conner Dorris Calif
    Jim McAuliffe  
    J. Winters  
    Dennis C. O'Conner  
    Con C. Fitzgerald  
    July 10, 1918 J. M. O'Sullivan  
      Mr. and Mrs. Malloy Paisley
    J. A. Woods Lakeview
    C. J. Taylor Paisley
    Dennis D. O'Conner Yokum Valley
    D. D. Murphy  
    Pat Leader ( charge to Jack O'Keeffe)  
    Con Murphy  
    Tom Murphy Knocknaugh Ireland
    John J. O' Keeffe  
    July 11, 1918 Con Murphy  
      Tom Murphy  
    Pat Leader  
    July 12, 1918 J. C. Fitzgearld  
      Con Curtin  
    D. D. Murphy  
    July 13, 1918 Joe Taylor Adel
      C. J. Taylor Paisley
    J. Kelleher  
    July 14, 1918 M. Curtain  
    July 15, 1918 Joe Taylor  
      Frank Monohan  
    John Cunningham  
    D. Murphy  
    T. Murphy  
    John J. O'Keeffe (3 nights)  
    July 16, 1918 Dan Murphy  
      Maurice Quinlan  
    Pat Noonan Plush
    D. D. Murphy  
    T. D. Murphy  
    John Cunningham  
    Pat Leader Lakeview
    Shanahan Lakeview
    T. P. Toomey Boston
    July 17, 1918 P. P. Barry Guano Valley
      Cornelius O' Sullivan  
    David Rahilly Lakeview
    M. Curtin  
    W. Sullivan  
    July 18, 1918 M. Curtin  
      Mike Daly  
    R. Sweeney  
    Tim D. Murphy  
    Mike O' Sullivan  
    July 19, 1918 J. M. Sullivan  
      W. K. Verling  
    Jim Daly  
    Mike Sullivan  
    July 20, 1918 D. P. McAuliffe Klamath Falls
    July 21, 1918 Bart O' Kelly Silver Lake
      Charles McCartie Bly
    D. G. Givans Bly
    D. P. Malloy Paisely

J. D. O'Conner

    July 22, 1918 Jim Daly  
      James Burke Paisley
    T. Twomey Lakeview
    July 23, 1918 John O' Callaghan Paisley
      Frank Monahan  
    Pat Gallagher New Pine Creek
    July 24, 1918 Frank Collins Fort McDowell
    July 25, 1918 John J. Healihy  
      Frank Monohan  
    July 26, 1918 William Killey Dry Creek
      C. J. Taylor Paisley
    Jerry O' Sullivan Ireland
    Con O' Connell Sycan
    Pat D. McAuliffe Paisley
    Mike Walsh Bly
    Con Nunan Paisley
    John O' Leary New York
    July 27, 1918 P.J. Linehan Fort Klamath and Bly
      Jere O' Conner  
    W. D. Turkin  
    Willie Singleton Newmarket Co. Cork
    Pat Barry Bend
    Jack O' Keeffe  
    J.M O' Sullivan Quenstown Ireland
    July 28, 1918 Denis C. O' Conner  
      Tom D. Murphy  
    July 30, 1918 M. M. Walsh Bly
      J. M. O' Sullivan Burns
    Frank Collins Burns
    M. Lucy  
    Aug 1, 1918 Jack O' Conner Klamath Falls
      Tim Murphy  
    Frank Rodgers Plush
    Daniel Connors  
      Dennis D. O' Conner Yocum
    Aug 3, 1918 John L. O' Conner  
      John D. Murphy  
    Tim D. Murphy  
    Pat J. Linehan  
    Denis D. O' Conner Yocum
    J. W. collins Lakeview
    Aug 4, 1918 Pat Noonan Plush
      Hugh O' Conner  
    Aug 5, 1918 Henry O' Keeffe Adel
      Dan J. R. O'Sullivan  
    Aug 7, 1918 Thomas Daly  
      Con Fitzgerald  
    Nick Barry  
    John M. Murphy Silver Lake
    Michael Murphy  
    Pat Noonan Plush
    Aug 9, 1918 John L. O' Conner Merril
      Tim L. Shine Drews Valley
    Aug 10, 1918 Maurice Murphy  
      Denis C. O' Connner  
    Tim Shine  
    Ben Walsh  
    Aug 11, 1918 J. H. Dennehy Merrill
      David Dennehy  
    Ben Walsh  
    Maurice Murphy  
    J. S. Allen Plush
    V. G. Allen Plush
    Jerry O' Leary  
    Tim Shine  
    Con O' Connell Sycan
    Hugh O' Conner  
    C. J. Taylor Pasiley
    Aug 17, 1918 Pat Leader  
      Tim Shine  
    John Ahern  
    Con Nunan Paisley
    Aug 18, 1918 Denis D. O' Conner  
      Denis C. O' Conner  
    Jack O 'Conner  
    Aug 19, 1918 Jerry O' Conner  
      Dan Donnelly Ogden
    Thomas Daly  
    Sept 26, 1918 Phil O' Conner  
      Tim Shine  
    Michael Lane  
    Tim Rein  
    Thomas Murphy  
    John Manly  
    Jim Lacy Merrill
    Maurice Quinlan Bend
    Jack McCarthy Bend
    Peter Curtis Bend
    W. R. McCormack Bend
    Sept 25, 1918 M. D. O' Keeffe Lakeview
      Willie Singleton  
    J. L. O' Conner  
    Pat O' Conner  
    Maurice Buckley  
    Pete Lane  
    Ned Borg  
    John Manly  
    Thomas Daly  
    D. Rahilly  
    Dick Mahoney Reno, Nevada
    Pat Noonan Plush
    John Hagen Klamath Falls
    Sept 26, 1918 Phil O' Conner  
      Pat Cronin  
    Mike Lane  
    Tim Shine  
    Tim Murphy  
    Pete Lane Klamath Falls
    Ned Barry  
    Con O' Connell Sycan
    Geroge Fitgerald  
    Pat Croin