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Hart Mountain
Hart Mountain Gives up Dead Sheepherder
Remains of George Bernard
Found After Six Years Loss
June 29, 1933
Lakeview Oregon

  The remains of George Bernard which for six years had lain in the highlands of Hart Mountain were found Tuesday by sheepherders for Merle Jacobs while running their sheep in the vicinity of the Warm Springs on Rock Creek. Bernard was reported missing in January, 1927, and although a search was made for him at the time his absence caused no great concern since he was used to leaving at various times without notifying friends.
   Finding of the remains Tuesday was the first clue to his whereabouts. At last report he he had returned a horse borrowed from a neighbor apparently turning the animal in the field with the saddle on, no trace was heard from him. It appeared that he had endeavored to return to a camp occupied by himself and L. P. Mauzey and Cog Mckee and becoming confused in a storm that prevailed that night took shelter under a rim rock and fell asleep and the freezing night added permanency to his slumbers. The bones showed no breaks or evidence of violence of any kind.
   The resting place, only a hundred yards from the main road over which Hart Mountain residents travel daily, was a most visible to the passerby. The camp which he apparently sought was more than a mile in the distant.
   Relatives or friends of the deceased are unknown and with the time has intervened little hope is entertained of getting in touch with them. The deceased was thought by friends to have been 36 years of age at the time of his death.
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