Irish Sheepherders of Lake County Oregon
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Lake County Examiner
St. Patrick's Day Edition
Lakeview Oregon
March 14, 1968
1950 Irish Football Team
Irish Football is a rugged sport that has its heroes and its fans not only in Ireland but wherever the Irish go around the world. Lakeview Irish had their own team a few years ago and engaged other teams, such as Merrill. This Picture of the Lakeview team was taken about 1950 and was loaned by Danny and Kit Collins.
Front Row, left to right, Con O'Leeffe, John Mckenery, John Collins, Denny McCarthy, Bill Verling, Hugh McCarthy, Jim Kenneally, Jerry Singleton.
Back Row, left to right, Toby O'Keeffe, Ben Murphy, Jack Murphy, George Verling, Paddy Parry, John C. O'Leary, Con O'Sullivan, Pat Fitzgearld, Wilfred Duval, Danny Collins, Father John Phelan, Dick Quinlan, Pat McCarthy, Paddy Halliinan not shown, also a member of the team. Father Phelan, now pastor of St. Patrick's Catholic Church at Lakeview was pastor at Chiloquin when this picture was made.