Irish Sheepherders Of Lake County Oregon
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May 16, 1935
Transients Are Warned To Buy
Ranch Plants By Next
   Committeemen representing cattlemen and sheepmen in the Great Basin Taylor act grazing district, which embraces some 8,000,000 acres of grazing land, passed on the application of 593 stockmen for license to range sheep, cattle and horses on the Public domain during the present season.
   A rule was adopted that these licenses, good until December, should be issued only for stock ranged last year or at present owned and application for large allotments were shaved down.
   A resolution was adopted recommending that ranch owners should be permitted to come onto the range up to their commensurate land to range rights upon acquiring stock.
   Grazers lacking ranch plants received indication that their licenses would not be renewed, this giving them a year to liquidate or obtain ranch set ups by purchases or lease commensurate with the amount of stock they wish to keep on the range in following season.
   Ranch owners with greater stock holdings than their commsurabilty entitles them to were advised that next year their allotments would very likely be trimmed.
   Those from Lake County who received licenses recommendations were as listed. The names in Orange are those who came from Ireland to Lake County Oregon starting in the 1870's

Authur C. D, Lakeview Andersen, Andrew Plush Andersen, M. Plush Andersen, Pauline, Westside
Bank of Lakeview Barry M. Lakeview Barry M. P. J. Lakeview Barry J. H. Plush
Barry James ,Jr, Adel Barry, E & N , Adel Barry P.P. Lakeview Barry L. P. Lakeview
Maurice & Barry Plush Beeier, Scott , Fort Rock Berg, Knute Fort Rock Bernard Estate. Lakeview
Bollinger F. E. Silver Lake Boyce, Sam Wagontire Brattain H. A. & P. J. Paisley Barry, Jerry J. Lakeview
Branch J. S. Valley Falls Brooks, Albert. T. Fort Rock Bryan, D. M. Lakeview Burton, H. G. Silver Lake
Buckley, Andrew. Plush Cahill, John J. Adel Cahill, E. & M. Adel Calderwood, J. E. Plush
Calderwood, B. O. Adel Campell, C. E. Paisley Carlon, E. & Co; Silver Lake Cliff J. L. Silver Lake
Chaistrand, C. A. Plush Crump, Chas. A, Adel L.&.C. Chewaucan Co. Paisley Curum, J. D. Silver Lake
Calderwood, F. A. , Plush Cox, Marvin & E. Plush Craqmpton Bros. Fort Rock Currier Estate, W. A. Paisley
Currier M. C. Paisley Chandler, Lakeview Chandler, Geo. E. Lakeview Chandler, H. L. Lakeview
Daly, Ben & Katie Lakeview Daugherty, Daniel Plush Daly Matt, Lakeview Derrick H. E. Fort Rock
Dent, Tom, Plush Dent, C. W. Plush Deadmond, L. V. Silver Lake Deely, Barry & Deboy, Plush
Deely & Bradley, Lakeview Dixon, Clarence, Plush Dicks, S. P. Lakeview Dobkins, Frank. Wagontire
Daugherty & O'Conner Plush Ede, Archie, Plush Emmery,Russell Summer Lake Emery & Sons Silver Lake
Egan J. P. Plush Egan, James W, Silver Lake Ernst, John A Fort Rock Elder, Lester E.Silver Lake
Elder, J. B. Paisley Elder, James E Pasiley Enguist, Emil Lakeview Foakett, D. F.Adel
Forbes, Percy L. Stauffer Fitzgerald, Corneilius Plush Fitzgerald & Cleland Adel Fine, R. A. Mrs. Plush
Flynn & O'Conner, Lakeview Fisher Floyd Summer Lake Fisher, F. S. & R.E. Lakeview Fisher, C. F & L.T Adel
Foster, R.C Summer lake Foster, F. W. Summer Lake Foster, Guy J. Summer Lake Frakes, Don F. Adel
Garrett, A. E. Lakeview Geaney, Mike Plush Gorman, John O Adel Godon, B. A. Fort Rock
Gowdy, J. Steele, Silver Lake Grissel, Willis B. Adel Graves, Frank Silver Lake Green, F. M Lakeview
Guiney, Tim Paisley Harvey, W. H. Paisley Hallinan Bros, Lakeview Hamilton T. C. Silver Lake
Hansen, Standley H. Lakeview Harris, Elmer Summer Lake Harris, S. D. Summer Lake Harris, H. C. Summer Lake
Harris, Dean Summer lake Hutton, Thomas Wagontire Hutton, R. L. Wagontire Hotchkiss, L. E .& W.M Valley Falls
Howard, C. Silver lake Hach, H. H. lakeview Hill & Flynn Lakeview Hawk, A. S. Fort Rock
H. C. Bar Ranch Lakeview Heffer, B. T. Silver Lake Hickey, A. Lakeview Holder Jone, E. Paisley
Hockman, G. B. Fort Rock Jackson, R.B Wagontire Jacobs, F. I Plush Jacobs, E.& H. Adel
Jennings, C. W. E. Valley Falls Johnson, Emil Lakeview Jones, David Suntex Keily Jas Plush
Kittridge, Walter Silver Lake Kittridge & Sons Solver lake Koons, Hebert E. Lakeview Lane W. G. Silver lake
Lane O. M Adel Laird, W. C. Plush LaSater, Myrtle, Silver lake Lawson, James, T. Lakeview
Long, R. A. Silver lake Leehman & Bishop, Lakeview

Linebaugh, D Silver Lake

Loveland, F. B. Silver lake
Lynch, Cornellius Lakeview Lyon J. L. Lakeview Malloy & Doherty Lakeview Martin Guy Silver lake
Mausey Louis P Adel McKee, Carl Plush McBroon, F. G. Silver Lake McCarthy Jack Plush
Messner, karl Adel Mulkey, Jack Valley Falls Morris, J. R. Valley Falls Menkenmaier, George Fort Rock
Morgan, V.O. Z Paisley Moorehouse, Roy Lakeview Moss, W.A & Mary Lakeview Murphy, Con C lakeview
Murphy, J. M. Paisley Murphy, Michael Paisley Murphy, M. J. Adel Murphy, W. P. Adel
Nelson, Ed. R. Summer Lake Nolan B. & D. Adel Olmstead, Sam Fort Rock O' Leary, John Paisley
O 'Leary, J. L. Paisley O' Conner, Matt Lakeview O' Conner, J. L. Lakeview O' Conner, D.C Lakeview
O' Conner, Con Lakeview O' Conner D. F. Silver Lake O' Conner D. H. Lakeview O' Callaghan, J. P. Paisley
O' Gorman John Adel O 'Keeffe, John B. Fort Rock O' Keeffe & Hickey Adel O' Keeffe, John J. Adel
O' Keeffe, J. D. Lakeview O' Keeffe, J. W. Silver Lake O' Sullivan J. M Lakeview Osborne, Ed Adel
Owsley Brothers. Silver lake Parker L. & S. Co. Paisley Parks H. M Fort Rock Paxton, Chas Lakeview
Paxton, G. P. Lakeview Peterson, L. & S Co Fort Bidwell Pennington J. H. Summer lake Pike, George Paisley
Pitcher, Leonard & C Paisley Pfrang, William Lakeview Poter, F. & E. Silver Lake Porter C. D. & E. S. Silver Lake
Pollock, T. S. Silver Lake Pochelu, Wm Paisley Priday, E. A. & H. S. Lakeview Jones Ranch Paisley
Rehart Ranch Lakeview Rahilly, D. & M. Adel Roberts, J. G Plush Reynolds, Fred Lakeview
Rehart, J. W. Lakeview Rambo & Sons Plush Robinson, C. H. Adel Schroder L. B. & H Silver Lake
Shelley A. Silver Lake Seeland John Lakeview Sherlock & Sons Lakeview Simms, L. H Lakeview
Small, Earl Silver lake Small, C. M. & R. M. Summer Lake Spaulding, Z. B. Adel Steigledger, E. S. Fort Rock
Stein, H. J. Lakeview Stingley, Chas E. Lakeview Steele, W. R. Lakeview Singleton, John Lakeview
Sutherland, J. M. Wagontire Taylor, Con Lakeview Twomey, Tim Lakeview Turner, I & Wm Summer lake
Vanderpool, E. R. Lakeview Verly, George, H Adel Verling W. K. Lakeview Vollett, Marlon Plush
Vinyard Joe Wakefield, J. B. & T. L. Adel Wolters. C. J. Wagontire Ward, M. J. Silver Lake
Warner, A. A. Fort Rock Warner Valley Stock Co. Adel Weritzbaugher J. & N Lakeview Weir, Robert L. Lakeview
Webster, C. D. Fort Rock

Wilshire Bros, Lakeview

Winchester, Lakeview William Brothers, Silver lake
Wible, W. S. Adel Withers Paisley Withers Estate Paisley Withers. C. L. Paisley
Weldy, Fred Paisley Woods, Lyle Fort Rock Woods, J. C. Fort Rock Wyman, James F. Silver lake