Irish Sheepherders Of Lake County Oregon
Lake County Examiner

APRIL 7, 1927

Prominent Lake Pioneer
Died Late Last Evening
Coming to American As a Young Man
With His Brothers
Laid the Foundation Of The Wool Industry Here

   Following a year in which the frailties of advancing age crept near James K. Barry, late last evening died at his home in North Lakeview at the age of 84 years, 4 months and 6 days. While his failing health was known to friends the end provided a shock to those who have pioneered with him in Lake County.
  Coming to Lakeview in 1886. Mr. Barry has spent more, than forty years in the county, pioneering in establishing the wool industry as one of the leading industries of this part of the state, In the late years he has retired from active management of the business which was taken up by his son.
   Born and raised in Ireland he came to this country as a young man touching the soil at historic Jamestown Virginia, with three of his brothers. After a year spent in the south, the brothers struck west, settling near Pleasanton west of San Francisco.
   It was here he met and married Katherine O' Conner, the then young couple coming to Oregon, first to settle in the John Day Country and in 1886, to move to Lake County.
   Seven children were born of this union, all of whom and their mother survive the husband and father. They are Mrs Ben Daly, Mrs, Nora Rahilly, Nellie Barry, Nick Barry, and James Barry of Lakeview. Mrs Merle Jacobs of Adel and Mrs Ben Shanahan of San Francisco.
    Mr. Barry was one of a family of eight of which Phillip K. Barry and Wm K, Barry died previously in Lakeview, the former a year and a day ago.
   Mr. Barry was of a most jovial disposition and counted as his friends and acquaintances almost every person in the county.
   His interest in civic affairs led him to search out leaders and discuss events with them. His keen mind and ready wit endeared him to a host of friends,
    Educated in the schools of Ireland and gaining learning with those he came in contact, he was regarded as a scholar. He spoke fluently Spanish and German as well as his native tongue and that of his adopted land. The poet le charm of his conversation will be remembered by those who enjoyed the pressure of his confidence.
   Partial plans have been laid for the funeral services on Sunday though details are not yet complete, the wishes of Mrs Ben Shanahan and Nick Barry who is with the sheep flocks having not yet learned. The body lies in state at St. Patrick's Church
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